Road transport with crane trucks and open trucks

Road transport with crane trucks and open trucks

CARGOFLEX Spedition und Transport GmbH is your competent partner regarding construction site logistics. High quality equipment and well-trained personnel allow us to work fast and uncomplicated. Our cranes range from load capacity of 16mto to 50mto, with or without cable winches, suitable for both worksite supply and assembly. We have mobile cranes up to 120t hoist power and a radius of 60m to accomplish heavy duties.

We convey containers with a total weight up to 8t from your company to the construction site and back, or take them to the next site, if you wish. The transportation of 40ft High Cube Containers will be performed by crane trucks, so no extra mobile crane will be needed. Loading and unloading are included.

Our open trucks will save time at loading and unloading sites and therefore ensure economic benefits for you. Because time equals money.


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