About us

A young, dynamic and reliable company

… are the words fittingly describing CARGOFLEX.

Founded by Christian Prlic in early 2010, CARGOFLEX was the name of a new haulage company and transport agency. It was about only one year later when Eckl Transporte GmbH decided to participate in the project. The purchase of trucks followed shortly after and Manfred Eckl was appointed as Second Managing Director. He resigned as Managing Director in March 2018.

Because what belongs together connects – Cargoflex Spedition & Transport GmbH took over Eckl Transporte GmbH in April 2020.

In consequence of our short company history, no obsolescent structures or procedures can find their place at CARGOFLEX. ‘Be up to date’ is one of our guiding principles.

Our company philosophy

Client satisfaction, absolute adherence to delivery dates and the save implementation of transport operations, as well as a friendly approach to both our clients and personnel, as well as the rewarding of our staff in a family atmosphere make up as our most valued policies.

“Employees who love their job, can accomplish a lot.”

CARGOFLEX’ recipe of success lies in years of experience of individual members within a modern structure, industrious workers and a healthy grow of the company. Innovation, commitment and unfailing reliability are values upheld by all of our employees, sustaining a functioning cooperation in all respects.

We especially focus on:

  • construction site logistics
  • crane transports
  • crane operations and abnormal loads in Austria and Europe

Besides that, we also offer traditional transport and expedited services.